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العدالة للمغرب

Victims of torture and breaches of human rights in Moroccon detention camps.

Victims of torture and breaches of human rights in Moroccon detention camps.

تاريخ النشر

Victims of torture and breaches of human rights in Moroccon detention camps.

Names of tortured and murdered victims and the torturers in Sale civil prison, Morocco.

After some time Amnesty International issued a worrying statement regarding the false statements from the new regime in Morocco claiming there were no breaches of human rights in their conduct. Despite this concern the reality of Moroccon prisons and the camps of shame, no less dirtier than Abu-Graib, Scorpion prison and Ouadi An-Natroun continues …. Where thousands of our brothers are kept. The crimes of the Moroccan prisons leave a stench in the air. Guanteta 2, Tmara Camp, are well known amongst Muslim Moroccans and the human rights activists locally and internationally as death camps and hell.

In this report we uncover the involvement of the Moroccan secret services in the torture of young Moroccan Muslims, where thousands of free people of this Ummah are kept in appalling and humiliating conditions. This report has used eyewitness accounts of the governmental crimes and the tragedy of Islamists in these depressed dungeons. It describes in detail the torture within these prisons and the names of the torturers so that it can be an exceptional political document.

Examples of brothers who have been exposed to physical elimination in the Tmara secret camp.
1 Abdul Haqq Ben Nasr known as shoe owner:
kidnapped after the 16th May events, tortured in these dungeons of Tmara until his soul left this earth on the 26/05/2003 and the minister of Justice claimed that Abdel Haqq died because of illness and he hasn’t been exposed to any inhuman torture. We the first group arrived to these dungeons eyewitness of the martyrdom of the brother Abdell Haqq in the hands of the murderers Moroccan secret services.

2 Dr Sheikh Muhammad Abu Aneet:
kidnapped on 17th May from his house and after a few days was found dead in the suburbs of Marakesh. The Sheikh left a letter to his brothers telling them he was summoned by the security police of Taroudant and they secretly took him to one of their dungeons to physically eliminate him.

3 Br Hassan Addardari:
one of the returning from Afghanistan was eliminated by a conspired accident. One day before the 16th May 2003 event Brother Hassan was kidnapped and taken to Tmara and was kept captive for five months. It came to be known the killing of some other brothers from Larache and other towns. Yet the secret services claim these brothers are on the run.

Examples of brothers who have been humiliated and tortured in Sale prison.
1 Sheikh Muhammad Al-fizazi (well known Islamist preacher/activist) He was exposed to many provocations from prison guards where they brutally searched him and intentionally exposed his body.

2 Sheikh Hassan Al-Khatab:
Beaten, tortured and put in single cells on a number of occasions totalling to 12 weeks … Sheikh Hassan underwent a hunger strike continuously in protest for his rights as a political prisoner and Imam, religious preacher.

3 Br Mohsin Bou-Arfa:
beaten and humiliated inside Sale prison, even though he was injured by more than five bullets in different parts of his body during his resistance to capture … placed in isolation even though he requires support because of his injuries.

4 Muhammad Azaouina:
An old man … beaten, tortured with ferocity and put in isolation because of his hunger strike in protest of inhuman treatment inside the abhorred Sale prison.

5 Sheikh Jalal Al-Muaddin:
Preacher and Islamic teacher beaten, tortured and stripped of his clothes … placed in isolation for three months

6 Sheikh Abdur-Razak Jaha:
Islamic preacher exposed to beatings and the search of his cell, interrogations by secret services just because a letter was found in the cell of Sheikh Hassan Al-Khatab which contained his name regarding legitimate actions defending the Islamist prisoners in Moroccan prisons … confined in isolation for 30 days.

7 Professor Zakariyah Boughrara:
Islamic writer who has been assumed as the spokesman of the jihady salafists has been exposed to harsh insults from one of the secret services … beaten while his hands were tied behind his back with dirty cleaning cloths covered his face … he was told to call upon his lord to come down and help him by men who were laughing while carrying out these acts … beaten with plastic tubes with water poured over him, his glasses broken, kept in isolation for more than 60 days with freezing conditions leading to him catching serious diseases.

8 Br Mohsin Almayouri from Larache:
beaten by torturers of Sale prison, told that he would be raped and that the king of Morocco is paying the torturers to teach the bearded people some manners.

9 Br Hassan Sabir from Sale: beaten and striped, hung by the hands for 24 hours because he entered a hunger strike in protest of the inhumane treatment.

10 Br Idris Assahil:
beaten ferociously by secret services of Sale prison because of the Takbir that the brothers began against the strip searches … beaten in the head, hung by his hands for 21 days in isolation.

Names of the main torturers at Sale Civil Prison:

1 Director of the prison: high position in the secret services, transferred from Fes prison to especially torture the Islamists, his name is Abdel-Ati belghazi, insisted on calling the brothers whom possess knowledge of Islam, such as Muhammad al-fizazi, Abdul-Kareem Ashadli, Hassan Khattab, Zakariya Boughrara, Miloudi Zakariya, Jalal Muhden, Muhammad Ben-Hamou Abu Aiman, to confront scholars of the regime.

2 The Deputy Director of the prison called Muhammad Al-Achabi 

3 Kasim: The main torturer

4 Guard called Ayachi and his helper Hamza
5 Well known torturer who’s disabled called Mustafa Al-akraa and his assistant Ahmad

Kidnapping from the Sale civil prison:
1 Br. Abu Abd-Rahma the French William Richard
2 Br. Abdullah Al-Woujdi Muhammed Annoukawi (Oujda)
3 Br. Abdul-Ghani Ben Tawouse (Casablanca)
4 Br. Abdul-Wahab Ar-Rabii (Meknes)
5 Br. Ahmad Aslimani (Meknes)
6 Br. Abdel-Hakim Al-Meghraoui (Nadour)
7 Br. Sulaiman Al-Kharaz (Marrakech)
8 Br. Abdel-Aziz Jahlil (Nadour)

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