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The Child Prisoner Iliass El Mejjati‏

The Child Prisoner Iliass El Mejjati‏

تاريخ النشر

The Child Prisoner Iliass El Mejjati‏

Name : Iliass El Mejjati‏
Date of Birth : 01/09/1992

Riyadh 23rd March 2003 :
The Saudi intelligence kidnapped the child Iliass El Mejjati‏ (he was 10 years old at the time) along with his mother Fatiha Hassani. They were kidnapped from outside the surgery of Dr. Youssef Al Megbel in Riyadh. Iliass remained in prison until 20/June/2003 when he was handed over to the Moroccan secret service. He was transported in a secret flight among the many flights of such kind orchestrated by the American intelligence.

Types of Torture Iliass was subjected to in Riyadh:
– He was treated like a hardened criminal. His photos and fingerprints were taken 4 times: once in Alicha detention centre and three times in the last prison (Name forgotten) in midnight.
– Deprivation of sleep
– He was locked up in a cell that has 16 neon light bulbs above his head that work 24/7.
– He was subjected to long sessions of interrogations that continued beyond midnight.
– His cell would be raided early and in the morning striking fear into him.
– He would put through degrading body searches in the last detention centre.
– He was transferred from Alicha detention centre in an armoured car that has no windows or ventilation giving the sense of a grave.
– Exposure to high temperatures and even barring him from breathing fresh air. This was done by turning of the air conditioning in the tightly locked cell until he was near to death by suffocation.

– Ilyas was also deprived of:
– Right to education,
– Right to play,
– The right to a break
– The right to see his family

Temera 20th June 2003:
The Moroccan secret service received the child Iliass when he landed in Morocco and immediately bundled him harshly into a car. He was immediately blindfolded thereafter spending 9 months of his childhood being moved from wing to wing in Temera secret detention centre. During his stay he was subjected to various forms of psychological and physical torture. The effects of this torture continue until this day even after his release.

Types of Torture Iliass was subjected to in Temera secret detention centre in Morocco:
– He was treated like a hardened criminal.
– He was threatened and fear was instilled in him.
– He was blindfolded as soon as he landed in Morocco. Also whenever he was transferred from prison wings or detention centres he was blindfolded or had his face and head covered by a towel. Also he had to keep his head between his knees when transferred by car.
– Most of these transfers were conducted during the early hours and would continue for hours.
– Deprivation of sleep
– He would endure long interrogations and would be made to see the suffering of his mother.
– Continuous unexpected inspections in the morning and evening in the first month of detention.
– Exposure to extreme temperatures by keeping him in a sealed cell, with no natural light or flowing air in the room. This was during the 2003 summer heat wave which killed many people across Europe. He would sometimes cry because of the heat and was unable to sleep. This made him resort to sleep on the floor (although he had a “bed”) in seek of some coolness. This torture would continue 24/7 in the tourist destination of the world: the most beautiful country in the world!
– Exposure to severe cold. He spent half of the winter in a room with about 20 windows exposing him to the freezing wind currents. Bearing in mind he did not have adequate winter clothing although we requested that clothes be brought to him numerous times. This continued until Eid Al-Fitr, when some clothes were brought to him and a air conditioner which provided some warmth.
– He was banned from using the toilet in the first month of detention. In the morning he would have to wait in turn along with all the other detainees. During the night he was too afraid to use the toilet this forced him to relieve himself in empty water bottles.
– Food (which was in the majority of the time decent) would be delayed. At some points they delayed it to the extent that the child Iliass would cry from hunger.
– The installing of surveillance cameras and microphones in the cell for many months. According to psychologists this accounts to psychological rape.
– He and his mother were put together in solitary confinement, disregarding his mothers multiple pleas to hand her son over to his grandfather.
– Deprived of his Right to education
– Deprived of his Right to play
– Deprived of his right to a break
– Deprived of his right to see his family
– Torture by uncertainty, he did not know the time, date or place he was in. Also he was never told if there was hope of release. This lead him to despair and have suicidal thoughts.
– Spending both Eid Al-fitr and Al-Adha in the detention centre, far from his family and friends.
– Refusal to take Iliass to a psychiatrist until his state deteriorated and he attempted to kill his mother and commit suicide.
– His request to be released was not seen to until they knew he was completely demolished psychologically.

Temera 17th March 2004:
The child Iliass was released from Temera secret detention centre, to a life that is similar to a prison due to illness and harassment of the secret service.
The harassment included 24/7 surveillance: a car, motor cycle and 3 persons from the secret service, following their every move day and night overtly. This surveillance frightened the family, friends and the people. These evil individuals deprived the child Iliass from education and medication. This reached to the extent that some doctors declined or stopped treating him and a director of a Quran school expelled Iliass out of fear his institution may be closed down. The child Iliass remained a prisoner of his own room with no friends like other children. He remained alone facing the pain of illness and deprivation.

Al-Rass, Saudi Arabia (06 – 04) – April – 2005:
His father Karim El Mejatti and his only brother Adam who was 11 at the time were killed in the city of Al-Rass in Saudi Arabia. The child Iliass was deprived from having a final look at his father and brother until now. All legal pathways have failed to determine where their bodies have been laid to rest due to the stubbornness of the authorities and the bias of the courts.

All this torture and catastrophic conditions caused the beautiful, intelligent child Iliass, who incidentally memorises 45 hizb (22 Juzz), in the Qira of Warsh from the narration of Al-Azraq and in the Qira of Hafs, to suffer from :
– Psychological Illness: the signs of which began to show by the end of the summer of 2003 (See medical record). Disregarding his mothers pleas for him to be released from Temera caused his state to further worsen and the secret services denied him medical attention until they realised he was psychologically destroyed. Then he was released on the 17th of March 2004 after 6 months of detention. All medical tests have shown that his brain is unharmed (praise be to Allah) so his illness is reactionary. (See medical record)
– Hormonal Imbalance: the hormone prolactin (primarily associated with lactation/Milk production in breast feeding females) has reached high levels in his body. Its count was 1362 when the average in men is between 90 – 370, and in women 130 – 700. This caused him to develop large female like breasts.
– Bulimia: this causes him to eat large amounts of food. This was due to his mental illness and the side effects of his medication. Subsequently this made his weight reach to 140kg.
– Abnormal Increase in height: he has grown to 2 meters.
– Completely Dependent: he requires assistance and care around the clock. This is down to his illness and his large size. This state continued until 2008.

Iliass began to undergo hormonal treatments on the 21 August 2007. However he was forced to halt it on the 4th December 2007 until now. This treatment is vital to solve his hormonal imbalance. However there are side effects (reasons for halt) when using male hormones:
– Aggression: he suffers already from aggression because of his mental problem. In the case of Iliass this medication caused his aggression against himself to increase. He began to attempt to commit suicide. Also his aggression against his others and specially his mother increased. To note stopping the hormonal treatment in the teenage years has severe consequences in sexual and physiological maturity. These male hormones are important for Iliass for the following:
– So his genitals can fully develop (as his are under developed)
– To stop the growth of his bones, as he is extremely tall considering his age.
– To reduce the amount of fat in his body
– To increase the muscle mass in his body
– To decrease the size of his “breasts”

Casablanca 4th December 2007:
Iliass was overcome by hysteria, as usual, he thinks about suicide. He broke a glass door with his right hand tearing his veins and the tendons of 3 fingers. He was transported by an ambulance to A&E, the wing of Mental illnesses (wing 36) in Ibn Rush hospital. However there was no doctor on duty (doctor was on lunch break), Iliass waited with an open wound for 45 minutes.
It then became urgent that he is seen to so he was transferred to Darulsalam surgery, that houses a special wing for mental illnesses. He underwent an emergency operation, and due to his mental illness he remained in the surgery until 19th January 2008. The bill reached up to 60,000 Dirham. The administration reduced the bill by 5,000 and the Doctor Umar Btas waived his fee of 20,000 Dirham. The sun total was 35,258.60 Dirham.

It was necessary to have Iliass in a psychiatric clinic, from a very long time, however due insufficient resources we were unable. Also psychiatric ward in Ibn Rushd hospital refused to take him in because of his young age.

All praise be to Allah, the state of Iliass has improved since the summer of 2009.

Our Demands:
Given all the above circumstances, it is upon the two countries (Morocco and Saudi Arabia) to take their responsibility in resolving this situation by; Lifting the injustice imposed upon us and this is to be done by:
– A formal Apology and compensating Ilias
– Cover all medication costs and enable Iliass to benefit from the latest treatments, until he is cured completely.
– Reimburse all costs incurred till this day.
– Ending the constant surveillance by secret services.
– Insuring he has a normal safe childhood so he is able to regain his health. Because medication only cannot cure Iliass if the atmosphere he lives in doesn’t change.
– Insuring adequate education suitable for his health condition and level. Also so that he may recover the years he lost due to the crimes committed against him.
– The handing of the body of his father Karim El Mejjati and his brother Adam El Mejjati, May Allah accepts them as Martyrs, so the wounds from April 2005 may heal.
– Recompense the physical and moral damage, which has been caused by the kidnapping and the secret, criminal and forced detention. This is to be done by appropriate financial compensation, although that money can not compensate for his childhood and his destroyed innocence.
Accounting and punishing everyone who contributed to this heinous crime

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