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العدالة للمغرب

An open letter to the American Government

An open letter to the American Government

تاريخ النشر

An open letter to the American Government

Peace upon those who follow the guidance:

We the undersigned Nouzha Amrani and Fatiha Hassani (Um Adam El-Mejjati), the lawful wives of Moulay Umar Amrani Hadi who is sentenced to 10 imprisonment years unjustly. The prisoner is constantly being transferred to and fro Toulal 2 prison and Sala 2 prison. We appeal to the American government to transfer its prisoner from its previously mentioned prisons to its detention centre in Guantanamo, Cuba.


This is for the following reasons:

Your prisoner suffers from various chronic illnesses, he is 47 years old, yet he is always subjected to torture. Bearing in mind he was sentenced to prison only not prison and torture.

Types of torture:

Psychological torture:

Subjecting him to constant psychological pressure by, Provocation, humiliation, Insults and threats. He is held in a wing with the general prison population where cigarette smoke fills the air, abusive language is the norm and constant noise that prevents him from sleeping. For nine months he has been held in solitary confinement, in a very small cell that lacks the conditions for human residence. He was put in a punishment cell twice within three months. He is prevented from direct visits (without barriers), and being with his wife Nouzha Amrani. They suffice with a barrier vistis, even his kids, Abdulrahman, 7, and Zainab, 5.

Since three weeks ago his son visited him without a barrier for 15 minutes only in an office. They had a desk in-between them and were surrounded by guards. Zainab refused to go to the visit because of what she experienced before. She would remember the barriers and small windows and the fact she couldn’t sit with her father nor kiss him. He is prevented from seeing his second wife Um Adam, since the 4th of July 2011, even if the visit is a barrier visit. This continues although she has legal permission from the general prosecutor of the King in Meknes.

The prison administration and all those behind it, have sought to hinder the process of completing a legal (marriage) contract, bearing in mind we have completed all the necessary procedures on our part since the 28th of February 2011.

Physical torture:

Beating, starvation, poor food in quality and quantity, stripping. Prevention from a change of clothes, bathing, and the use of hygiene products for 47 days.

Bathing once a week, sometimes with cold water. Being subjected to extremely high temperature with no ventilation. Being intentionally subjected to the freezing cold, while they know very well he suffers from arthritis. Lack of hot water to be used for ablution considering he suffers from an anal fistula. Being tortured by his chronic illnesses, this is done by medical neglect and the prevention of medication which we have provided him with. Being blindfolded and shackled…..

As for us then we are being put into a despicable, systematic war of attrition on the psychological, physical and financial level. It reminds us of how are families in occupied Palestine. 

The administration of Ibn Hashim devised new methods of torturing us. Addition to preventing Um Adam from seeing her husband now for 32 times, although she has suffered the difficulties of travel until Toulal. On the 12th of January 2012 she had an appointment, which became more of a marathon and one of much pain. She reached Toulal 2 at 8:45 after spending the night in Fez coming from Casablanca, in order to be close to the city of Meknes. The employees in the prison told informed us that our husband is in Sale’ 2. She (Um Adam) boarded a high-speed train to Sale’. She arrived at Sale’ 2 prison at 11:30. The employee there told her that our husband has been transferred to Toulal 2 a few minutes ago!

We thought of returning back to Toulal 2 on the same day before the time slot for visits passes.

Furthermore, that on the 26th of January 2012 our husband was in the Sale’ court, this was a Thursday which is the day dedicated for visits, so we went to Sale’ 2 prison. We were told he was transferred with the remaining brothers to Toulal.

On Friday 27th January 2012 we travelled from Rabat to Toulal 2 in the early morning. We were shocked to be told that he was in Sale’ 2! We quickly returned back to Sale’ before the visiting time ends. His wife Um Adam as usual is unjustly prevented from the visits. Therefore his wife Nouzha visited him but after a lengthy wait outside on the side of the road sitting on a plastic bag as it rained upon them. It was as if we were not humans. During the visit she learned that her husband was in fact transferred to Toulal 2 with some brothers. However as soon as they reached to Toulal 2, our husband was returned on his own back to Sale’ 2 immediately!

Without delay, after the visit we headed to the national council for human rights. We were received by Mr. Ahmed Hu thereafter Mohammed Al-Sabbar. We explained the issue to him. He contacted the regional director, Benghazi, asking him about the whereabouts of our husband. He informed him he was in Toulal 2! We were surprised and confirmed to him that we just left our husband in Sale’ 2. He apologised and said he has a meeting, however he promised to follow the issue up and contact us with the correct news. He assigned Mr. Ahmed Hu to follow up the issue, who phoned us and let us know that he contacted the prison directorate which confirmed that our husband was actually in Toulal 2!

The American Government,

Due to the aforementioned circumstances, and due to the request of the regional director, Benghazi, for the prisoners to choose where they wish to be transferred. We see that your prison in Guantanamo is much more merciful than your prisons in the Kingdom of Morocco. And based on what we have learned from our acquaintances who have relatives in Guantanamo, we wish to confirm we have decided, with our full intellectual faculties, to request that you transfer your prisoner, who is our husband, Moulay Umar Amrani Hadi, from your prisons Toulal 2 and Sale’ 2 to your prison in Guantanamo in Cuba. We request that this is seen to as soon as possible, so that he may have his full rights as a prisoner and be treated humanely.



Nouzha Amrani

Fatiha Hassani (Um Adam El-Mejjati)

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