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العدالة للمغرب

Faris Said

تاريخ النشر

Faris Said

33 years old.

Letter Dated 06.03.05

“In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful”

I, the undersigned, unjustly detained Faris Said, born 1973 in Casablanca, married with one daughter.

I was kidnapped from inside the mosque at Isha prayer. I was then taken to Casablanca Central Police Station (Maarif) handcuffed and blindfolded. I was thrown inside a dark and dirty cell for 23 hours. Afterwards the interrogation started and continued day and night.

I was subjected to severe physical torture; punched in the face, kicked and received electric shock treatment. I had cold water poured all over me and I was hung upside down during interrogation. I also suffered mental torture such as threatening that they would bring my wife in and rape her.

During the interrogations the emphasis was on pressing me to confess things I had not done. Indeed they found that I was innocent and n o evidence was brought against me. After 23 days of ordeal and torture, I was forced whilst blindfolded to sign a false confession and whilst being verbally abused and insulted. Afterwards I was taken to the appeal court in Casablanca.

There the examining judge read out a list of accusations without my solicitor present. Again I was forced to sign a statement that I had not read by someone who was threatening me and someone I suspect was a secret agent.

I was transferred to Zaki prison in Sale, north of Rabat, during the night. In prison all my clothes were taken off and I was placed in solitary confinement with nothing, not even a copy of the Qu’ran. I received all this treatment at the hands of the DST, known for their brutal methods, but there were also others other than them who played a role.

I was held there for 45 days before being moved to Ain Borja prison in Casablanca. Here again I was forced to remove all my clothes. They verbally insulted my religion and Allah. I was put in a dark toilet-like room without ventilation. In the summer days the intense heat was suffocating and there was a lack of fresh air. I was refused permission to walk or stroll inside the prison yard, for another 45 years, on remand again.

Then came the show trial. I was certain I would be proven innocent and be freed so I could be with my family. On the contrary and without any legal basis they accused me of being among the so called ’86 member terror group’. I was unjustly sentenced without evidence or witnesses.

I was brought back to Ain Borja prison and because I protested and demanded that I be permitted visits from my family and daily exercise, they took me to solitary confinement to be tortured away from the other prisoners. There the guards mastered the art of torture on my body.

They used sticks to beat me, put my head in sewage water, pulled my beard and hung me from the ceiling. The prison director himself shaved my beard and punched my face until it was swollen. This torture lasted 11 days after which I was transferred to Zaki prison in Sale where abuse and terror was rampant. I did not even have the most basic rights. I was allowed 30 minutes exercise time in the prison yard.

Afterwards I was transferred to Kenitra Central Prison where there existed an atmosphere of fear and terror. The situation was worse than in Sale prison. 20 minutes walk, 15 minute visits through metal nets. In winter the food was cold, the cells were like fridges and our moves were constantly controlled, they said this was due to the exceptional nature of our cases.

I am suffering in thus repressive and restrictive prison regime. I am suffering because of the lengthy sentence ahead of me and the burden on my family. I stress loudly again that I am innocent and I had nothing to do with the 16th May events in Casablanca.

Assalamu Alaikum

Signed Faris Said 06.03.2005

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