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Torture by forcibly removing nails in Toulal 2 prison, Meknes. A message to the true media‏

Torture by forcibly removing nails in Toulal 2 prison, Meknes. A message to the true media‏

تاريخ النشر

Torture by forcibly removing nails in Toulal 2 prison, Meknes. A message to the true media‏

The Joint Committee of Former Islamist Detainees And The coordination of truth for the defense of prisoners of conscience and belief, have known that the imprisoned brother, Moahmmed Al-Shadli was subjected to barbaric torture throughout the punishment period set by the Moroccan Prison Directorate, which spanned from 17th of May to July 2011. This punishment was specifically imposed upon the so called “Salafi Jihadist” prisoners. Mohammed Al-Shadli was tortured to the extent the nails of his feet were forcibly removed until he began to bleed.

.By Allah we find nothing to say as words can no longer convey what we wish to express to you when we bring this news to your attention.

Horrors after which there are none, tragedies after with there are none. Our wounds have deepened and our sorrow has reached to levels that it causes to laugh till we cry. Especially when we see discussions and debates on TV talking about the new constitution and the new age of freedom, respect for human rights and anti torture conventions.

Woe to our people it’s as if they do not hear us, our throats have become sore highlighting that we are a part of this Moroccan entity. This Moroccan entity that you speak very optimistically about promising Moroccans a new age, while all we see is oppression, darkness. We see young men behind bars subjected to oppression and injustice from the very day they were arrested. The use of various methods of torture against them has been their fate, which they face and endure.

These techniques of torture begin from insults and slander increasing to prolonged hanging, “Al-Falaqa”, Slapping, the forced removal of the pure nails, plucking the beards, stripping, prohibiting the raising of the Adhaan, ending with rape! And what do you know about rape? The rape of men, a matter which the causes the Throne of Allah to shake! All of these are matters which cause the head of a young child go grey.

What pains us very much in our hearts is the defining silence that prevails in the bulk of human rights and Media organizations with regards to our cases. What our prisoners go through of gross violations of their rights in prison even in the case of the recent rape no organization has even published a single paper concerning it! The exceptions are very few and we take this opportunity to thank all those who helped us whether they were rights activists, politicians, lawyers and others. They have our appreciation and many thanks again.

We say to those who have abandoned us these days, if you are truly defenders of human rights and the Moroccan citizen regardless of where they originate from, their view point or charge against them (the charge was never an excuse for the rights of any person to be violated), we say to you, that you must bear your responsibility as you are in front the Moroccan nation and history. We say to you and all Media outlets that do not concern about our cases we give you a choice: You either attest to the truth or attest to falsehood.

A time when we are paying an expensive price by having our dignity violated and our rights taken and our freedom constrained. We imagine that you must stand by and be truthful to your claims and principles so be as you should.

Accept our appreciation and respect, many thanks.

[Please Find Attached Image Of Khadija Al-Mlawi the Wife of Mohammed Al-Shadli holding her husbands Photo and his nails that he gave her during her latest visit]

This is the Video of his wife expressing what happened to her husband and how his nails were removed:

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