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The Worsening Condition of Shaykh Umar Al-Hadushi

The Worsening Condition of Shaykh Umar Al-Hadushi

تاريخ النشر

The Worsening Condition of Shaykh Umar Al-Hadushi

The Joint Committee of Former Islamist Detainees And The coordination of truth for the defense of prisoners of conscience and belief, have known that Shaykh Umar Al-Hadushi was taken to hospital on the 27th/09/2011.

Shaykh Umar was handcuffed and under close supervision when he was taken to hospital. Seven (7) unmarked cars as well as 2 large vehicles belonging to the police accompanied the Shaykh.

The Shaykh was taken to Al-Qurtubi Hospital a specialist eye hospital. He eyes were checked up and the hospital asked him if he was beaten across his head or face.

He then was transferred to Mohammed V hospital where he had an examination on his kidneys. The results showed that his left kidney began to show signs of Kidney failure as it works inefficiently.

And thus, due to his unjust imprisonment, torture and medical neglect, Shaykh Umar Al-Hadushi has consequently lost sight in his left eye and his left kidney is suffering from kidney failure.

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