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The crime of violating the Honour of Mustafa Al-Sufiani in Beni Mellal Prison

The crime of violating the Honour of Mustafa Al-Sufiani in Beni Mellal Prison

تاريخ النشر

The crime of violating the Honour of Mustafa Al-Sufiani in Beni Mellal Prison

The Joint Committee for the defence of Islamist Prisoners has learned that:

Mustafa Al-Sufiani (Prisoner No: 7749) was transferred from Sale 2 prison after he suffered greatly therein, to the extent he attempted to commit suicide multiple times. While he remained there he was tortured repeatedly and we have publicized this on previous occasions. And here after he being transferred to Beni Mellal prison his suffering continues and worsens. He was subjected to a frenzied attack by 20 prisoners (from general prison population) at the behest of a guard by the name of Bouka’ Abdul Nabi and in the view of other guards. To note this guard was previously serving in Kenitra central prison when 9 Islamist detainees escaped, thus he was transferred to Beni Mellal prison as a disciplinary procedure. For this reason he now is retaliating against Mustafa Al-Sufiani. At one point the royal gendarmerie where called in by the prison director “Hassan” and the prime stronghold “Belqadi” accusing Mustafa Al-Sufiani of attempted murder. Two incident reports were written against him however he did not sign them in protest, although he was threatened by the royal gendarmerie whom were defending the prison guards, they repeated to him “Complaints are not to be written against guards”.

This was the last straw that forced Mustafa Al-Sufiani to come out of his silence and speak of what had occurred to him when he was transferred to this notorious prison. His honour was violated using batons in a similar fashion to what happened in Toulal 2 in Meknes. He remained silent for all this time out of fear of the stigma and humiliation attached to such crimes. He is now demanding that he has a complete medical check up to document his claims, and to note he was threatened with a repeat of what was done to him.

Now he calls out in this blessed month and demands justice from those who oppressed and assaulted him.

Is there anyone to answer this call? Is his call going to find attentive ears and sound minds???

We have also learnt that he has gone on hunger strike since Thursday 02-08-2012 after he was assaulted. However the prison authorities have denied him this right and beat him and removed all his clothing on a Friday returning him to his cell with a broken finger on his right hand and a deep wound on his hand. He requested medical attention only then again to be denied it leaving his hand to bleed from Friday until Sunday. The doctor was eventually brought to him after he bled excessively. In a criminal end to all these violations: a group of prisoners (from the general prison population) were forced to sign false witness statements, showing that Mustafa Al-Sufiani was saying and doing certain actions. If they did not sign they too were told would be punished. Hence they signed this false testimony under duress.

What is extremely strange in this affair is the very inviting manner in which the prison guards welcome and receive the mother of Mustafa Al-Sufiani during visits. This treatment is the same to anyone who visits Al-Sufiani. This is to show that the claims made by him are mere delusions and have no basis in reality.

This is shameful and dishonest, it is hypocrisy and cowardice and meanness.

We ask Allah in this holy month to break the backs of the oppressors and to leave no sign of them. And we ask that they are exposed in front of mankind and that ailment and diseases are sent upon them until they wish for death and they don’t find it. He is our aider and lord, and our victor and assistor the exalted and all High.

Date: 07-08-2012

Executive Office of The Joint Committee for the defence of Islamist Prisoners.

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