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Shaykh Hadushi Blinded in Prison!

Shaykh Hadushi Blinded in Prison!

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Shaykh Hadushi Blinded in Prison!

Previously we mentioned that Shaykh Umar Hadushi was taken to Casablanca for Interrogation. Now we can confirm that during the interrogation he was subjected to beatings that caused him to LOSE SIGHT in his left eye!

Doctors have told him that the condition of his eye is beyond repair and no operation can help him. Shaykh Umar has written a letter to senior officials describing what had happened to him and demanding the start of an open investigation and the punishment of the perpetrators of this crime.

We Ask Allah To Paralyse the hands which harmed this noble Shaykh. And We Tell The Shaykh, as Allah Says in A Qudsi Hadith “Whom Ever I Took His Two Beloved (Sight) And Was Patient I Would Not Accept A Reward For Him But Paradise” (Saheeh by Albani/Ahmed Shakir)

So our Shaykh do not feel sad as the reward is Jannah!!

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