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Report on a meeting between Nazha Al-Omrani and the Director of Toulal 2 Prison

Report on a meeting between Nazha Al-Omrani and the Director of Toulal 2 Prison

تاريخ النشر

Report on a meeting between Nazha Al-Omrani and the Director of Toulal 2 Prison

I and Um Adam Al-Mejjati arrived at Toulal 2 prison in order to visit our Husband Molay Umar Al-Omrani Hadi on Thursday 15th September at 11 am. We handed in all relevant documents needed to conduct the visit to the worker responsible for registration. After he had come back from the administration office he informed me that my husband is banned from receiving any visitors. We asked him to provide us with an explanation he simply stated he is being “punished” and that we couldn’t visit him.

We requested that we speak with the director, Mohammed Al-Sharodi, however we were told he was absent. We left the visiting quarters which is a separate building from the actual prison and headed to the main gate of the prison. I began to knock on the gate and ring the bell, subsequently a guard opened the viewing hatch. I asked him that I wanted to speak to the director, and he again mentioned he was absent.

Um Adam remained outside the gates of Toulal 2 prison while I headed toward Toulal 1 which is in a neighbouring building. I asked one of the guards of my request to speak to the director he informed me that he was in a meeting. Just to note Mohammed Al-Sharodi is both the director of Toulal 1 and 2.

We waited under the burning sun of Meknes on the ground outside the gates of the prison where there is no shade. Every time I would ask the guards about the director they would reply he is in a meeting, until 3:20pm. At this point they requested to see my documents and opened the doors for me to speak to the director. As usual Um Adam was not allowed entry.

After the routine search I was taken by one of the female workers to the office of the director. I asked him “Why was I banned from visits” He told me that my husband is receiving a “disciplinary punishment”.

I asked him “Why” He replied in an aggressive manner “your husband is ill mannered he insulted one of the workers” I told him “do not call my Husband ill Mannered, I have been married to him for 20 years and he is amongst the best of men” He commented “With you” I added “did it not suffice that you had kidnapped them, caused them to disappear for 45 days, the visits are behind barriers and (Disciplinary Punishments).

From where have you brought these laws from?” He answered me in very heated manner “I have allowed you to speak to me and it was within my capacity to have not (Bearing in mind I remained under the burning sun for approximately 4 hours)” Then he told me in absolute defiance “go (I and Um Adam who is my husband’s second wife) to the King’s representative or any place you want and do what you wish. This meeting is now over”

I replied “We belong to Allah and to him we shall return”

He dropped this poisoned bombshell upon me to further deepen my anguish. I left his office extremely humiliated with the further pain of injustice of being banned from seeing my husband behind a barrier and for a few minutes. In addition, the stress of travelling, I having come from Rabat and Um Adam from Casablanca. I felt very grieved seeing Um Adam barred from seeing her husband since the 4th of July, although she travels every Thursday to see her husband.

Allah is the best of aiders

We belong to Allah and to him we shall return.

Nazha Al-Omrani Wife of the brother Molay Umar Al-Umrani Hadi

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