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Leaked Statement from Toulal 2 Prison, Meknes

Leaked Statement from Toulal 2 Prison, Meknes

تاريخ النشر

Leaked Statement from Toulal 2 Prison, Meknes

From those banished in their homeland to whom this reaches of the people. To all those who have a (heart or gives ear while he is heedful.[Quran 50:37]). To those who still have within them a portion of humanity.

This is our scream and our call from the depths of a well. We send this message lest it reach the hearts before the ears. We send this message after 5 months of complete blackout, torture and arbitrary banishment, which was carefully executed by those who thought we will remain forever silent and their oppression shall not come to an end and that their victims are no more than belittled sediment that cannot make its voice heard to its People.

Where should we begin? And is this sheet of toilet paper that we are writing on sufficient? The sheet that we painstakingly managed to get! Or is this “Tazmamart” ink mix we formulated by using stock and coffee going to adequately picture our suffering? This is if in fact it survives and reaches to those whom it concerns.

Should we begin from the start of this intended plot to attack the prisoners in Sala prison? And for whose interest? And by whose order? And why all this harshness and cruelty in revenge? Or should we speak about the total stripping of clothing then being whipped and put through “Al-Falqa” that has caused the fall of nails, breaking of fingers and feet? Or should we speak about the violations of honour by inserting batons in the rears!? Or should we list the banned items that begin from the Quran and do not end with papers, pens, books and Televisions??

Or should we speak about the tears of our children and mothers that never end during the 15 minute duration of the visit behind a fenced wall? As you enter the visiting halls you feel as if you are entering into a zoo or looking through the cells in Guantanamo.

Or should we speak about the solitary confinement entering into its sixth month, while being cuffed in a three way lock that causes the wrists of the hand and the ankles to rot, “Hajib” for an example? Or should we speak about the theft of our possessions, be it books, clothing, blankets or money?

Where should we begin? And what should we speak about? This tragedy requires many files to picture a glimpse of what happens in the Morocco of freedom, new constitution and “The National Human Rights Council”. The council whose secretary-general “Al-Sabbar” has let us down time after time. He did not even bother to visit the prisons of Sala 2 and Toulal 2 to see for himself what happens behind its high walls from the desecration of the honour of humans. Bearing in mind he attended the sittings in which we reached an agreement with the authorities before it was intentionally overturned during the events at Sala prison on the 16th and 17th May 2011.

We cannot forget the time when one of the prisoners complained to him about what had happened to him, while he was bleeding from his head by saying “we were shot by the use of bullets”. He replied by saying “did you expect they would beat you with chocolates, you lot need to be put to trial”. In this manner we were stabbed by the person who we had hope in, as he knows the violations that had happened in our cases, especially because he is a lawyer and human rights activist. He repeated many times that his highest priority is to bring about a complete political opening (freedom).

This is our call to all those who are free and noble, to give victory your innocent children in faith, homeland and humanity. And especially to those who are in the Humans rights field because the flood has reached its maximum.

Until we manage to get another sheet, we say to all who have helped us in our plight, many many many thanks.

The last episode of this plight: denial from enrolling in the new schooling year

Translation By: “A Voice For The Political Detainees In Morocco”

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