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Latest Report from Toulal 2 Prison Meknes (19.02.2012)

Latest Report from Toulal 2 Prison Meknes (19.02.2012)

تاريخ النشر

Latest Report from Toulal 2 Prison Meknes (19.02.2012)

The joint committee for the defence of Islamist prisoners has come aware of the following facts:

– The prisoners were gathered in the two wings M2 and M3. A prisoner by the name of Isa Ghifari also known as “Al-Khanfori” was placed with them. All the remaining Islamist detainees were again retained in Isolation.

– A prisoner by the name of Abdul Karim, who suffers from neurological and physiological illnesses, in recent months was subjected to torture and humiliated severely. They placed a collar on his neck similar to the one used on dogs, then he was dragged along the floor. And it is Allah (alone) whose help can be sought, and he (alone) is sufficient for us, and he is the best disposer of affairs.

– The brother Faisal ibn Jarrad, who we mentioned previously that he attempted to commit suicide in protest after the abuse of his dignity. We learned that after his suicide attempt he was seen to and treated thereafter he was taken to a secluded cell in Toulal 2, which had noise proof walls. He was then stretched out, had his legs tied then raised and taken out the cell bars. His hands were tied and he was blindfolded then beaten excessively on his feet in what is known as the “Falqa”. This method is what was illustrated in the latest drawings of the prisoners.

– The detainee Anas, who is from Tetoun, was taken to Tetoun to sit for an exam. After he was taken many of his possessions were confiscated. His bed was also confiscated and in return he was given blankets. This was carried out for because apparently he is still under the punishment imposed on the prisoners in Toulal 2 and Sale 2 since the 16th and 17th of May 2011.

– Anas who we previously mentioned, was taken along with Rashid Hadud from Toulal 2 in Meknes, to the Magistrates Court of Sale. They were joined by 8 prisoners from Sale 2 prison. They were taken on the 9th of February 2012 to investigate the events that took place of Sale prison on the 16-17/May/2011. They will be tried on the 16th of February along with the 42 others who are facing the same charges. Therefore the number of prisoners being tried over the events that took place in Sale prison increases to 52.

– The state of the prisoners in Toulal 2, Meknes, remains appalling. The visits are still behind barriers and the list of prohibited items remains long and arduous.

Toulal 2 Prison – A cause for Concern by Toulal 2 Prison a Cause for Concern SR Yvonne Ridley (PDF)

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