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Latest Concerning Ali Aarrass

Latest Concerning Ali Aarrass

تاريخ النشر

Latest Concerning Ali Aarrass

-Translation from French via Google translate:

Message Farida Aarrass “Hello all,

Ali called me today Monday, February 25, 2013.

He was out of it!

He said he had a horrible weekend because excavations unusual about him and his cell!

Saturday morning four soldiers and an officer conducting forced intervention, balaclava, helmet and all the arsenal, were introduced to Ali. He was in a state of shock. They were also accompanied by two civilians who were left without intervening at all. Ali said he did not know any of them, all unknown to him.

They forced him to undress completely, making multiple bends naked, to pumping, coughing repeatedly by order of the latter. They abused for a long time and Ali always submitted.

Ali said he folded at their request because they did not seem to be joking, he admits to having had a fright. He feared the worst true.

Once they were abused, insulted, humiliated, they ordered him to get dressed and yelled at him saying “OUT! “.

Ali refuses afraid and said, I will complain about your methods and they answered: “YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SAY! “They’ll grow out of the cell and the violence to continue to grow throughout the hall that leads to the crossing of Wings. Ali refuses to cry out, thinking that will bring him to torture because everything ready to believe ….

Ali struggles and anxiety like crazy ill, he told me he was ready to die here on the spot to avoid being the distance from there and that leads to Temara.

They continue to shake up the neighborhood and at that moment the guard (roboccop) receives a call on his mobile phone. He exchanged a few seconds and told the soldiers that must renew Ali in his cell.

Ali think we’ll finally leave him alone but no! Once in the cell, they always five, began to throw everything on the floor, to search wild!

Ali looks at all his personal belongings thrown on the ground, her clothes are trampled, all his belongings including food crushed all the pieces, even the little bench there rose, and even the sink, everything was broken! They ripped the postcards Ali stared at the wall, they took with them letters and postcards, and these idiots have stolen other personal items, Ali told me that even mouthwash which he held as they took him.

Once they have had enough, they went out and locked him in his cell.

Ali inquired the next day and now he discovers that he is the only one to have suffered these body searches of his cell and throughout the wing.

As if warned of something!

Ali said he spent the weekend trying to restore order and clean thoroughly with a bit of bleach was left in a bottle. He said he spoke with the head of detentions replied that he could not do anything because these soldiers, cops or otherwise, did not come from them.

Ali had to ask her medication ahead to try to sleep and forget everything, he says he had too much need!

I am in tears when I telling you all this because I feel that everything is getting worse for him. ‘

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