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Is it not time the torturers are accounted???

Is it not time the torturers are accounted???

تاريخ النشر

Is it not time the torturers are accounted???

The joint committee for the defence of Islamist prisoners has learned that the 26/1/2012 will be the start of the trial of those charged with being involved in the Sala clashes (16-17/05/2011). Amongst those charged: Shaykh Abu Muadh NourDin Nafi’a Hisham Ma’ash Mohammed Al-Shadly Yassine Bou Najra Youssed Al-Khodry Adel Ferdaou ….and many others To note, while the prisoners have their every movement and actions are all accounted for, the torturers are safe from any accountability or questioning.

Here we raise some questions:

Have those who shot Zakariya Ben Arif (Rahimahu Allah) been accounted? Or those who broke the arm of Khalid Al-Ayati and until now he is yet to see a doctor about it? Or those who hanged the prisoners and put them through (Al-Falqa torture method) until their toes broke? Or those who forcibly removed the nails of our blessed prisoners? Or those who gave pain relief [insanity inducing] vaccinations, which have caused many prisoners to have a constant high blood pressure and signs of insanity in others?? Do you not claim that all are equal in the eyes of the law? Do you not claim that the dignity and rights of the citizens are protected? Or is it no more than empty slogans that are nonexistent in reality.

Have those who violated the honour of the four brothers in Toulal 2, Meknes been accounted? Their case has been put on the shelves so that it is forgotten as was done to other cases of violations beforehand. If the torturers have forgotten, then the prisoners have not and will not forget. Their pains and chains have not allowed them to rest, it always brings back their memories.

The dispute between the prisoners and their captors, concerning the oppression, stripping of rights and violations of honour and dignity cannot be overlooked as time goes by. This is because their dispute is in the hands of Allah the compeller of the heavens and the earth. The dispute is in the hands of the one who will place the scales of justice on the day of judgement.

O Allah judge between us and our people in truth for you are the best of those who give judgment. O Allah judge between us and our people for you are the best of judges.

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