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Attempted Suicide! “Salafi Jihadists” Inmates Protest in Ayt Melool Prison –Agadir

Attempted Suicide! “Salafi Jihadists” Inmates Protest in Ayt Melool Prison –Agadir

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Breaking News: Attempted Suicide! “Salafi Jihadists” Inmates Protest in Ayt Melool Prison –Aqadir

The Joint Committee of Former Islamist Detainees And The coordination of truth for the defense of prisoners of conscience and belief have reported that the Prisoners of the so called “Salafi Jihadist” files in Ayt Melool Prison –Aqadir protested Last Thursday the 17th/08/2011 in the recreation square of the prison. They protested against the recent rape of 4 of their fellow inmates and about their deteriorating living conditions as well as demanding their immediate release.


They were dealt with by excessive force as 80 guards were bundled together to force them back into their cells. The Protesting continued in the cells as the inmates made themselves heard by rattling the bars and shouting out chants. The Prison Administration was forced to negotiate with them and promised them their problems will be sorted out.

The next morning, Friday the 18th/ 08/2011, half of the Inmates were taken for their break and the other half left in their cells as a form of punishment. At Around 2pm the Inmates that were taken out were forcefully taken back to their cells were the protesting continued as the previous day.

During these Protests one of the inmates, Hussein Amdham attempted [He Failed] to hang himself leaving behind him a will highlighting the motives behind his attempt to commit suicide. The Motives revolved around this action being in defence of the 4 inmates raped in the very same prison and in order to implement the agreement signed on the 25/03/2011 which mentioned that the prisoners of the “Salafi Jihadist” cases will be released in groups and will be given their full rights in prison.

On Tuesday 23/08/2011 the protests sparked off again and Hussein Amdham attempted to hang himself again. This time none of his fellow inmates realised what he was doing. By the grace of Allah then for the reason that the rope he used ripped under his weight he survived. However he was immediately taken to a hospital outside the prison and his state remains critical. In Addition another inmate suffered an asthma attack and he was taken to the prison clinic where he is being treated. The remaining inmates were told that there will be an urgent meeting with them in order to end their cases once and for all.

This is the will Hussein Amdham left behind:

To my Ummah (nation) may Allah grant you victory and guide and aid your steps. Here I am letting you know that I did not commit to do this action except in order to sacrifice myself in the giving victory to my brothers who are tortured. I did not do it to flee from the trial and hardship I am in but so that the Kuffar [Disbelievers] that there are those in this Ummah who don’t fear death.

Hussein Amdham

Prisoner Number: 11616

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