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And Kidnappings Continue

And Kidnappings Continue

تاريخ النشر

And Kidnappings Continue

The Joint Committee of Former Islamist Detainees And The coordination of truth for the defense of prisoners of conscience and belief,  have known that Zakariya Drabi was kidnapped on the 29/09/2011 in the city of Sala, after he performed Fajr prayer by 13 persons in civilian clothing.

Also Morad Al-Aysoub was kidnapped in Casablanca at 1am on Saturday.  His house was raided by up to 40 individuals in civilian clothing, who claimed they were police. As they burst into the home they encountered upon the father and brother of Murad. They were dealt with in a ferocious manner, his father and brothers hands were twisted and were put on the floor while being asked about the whereabouts of Murad. All rooms were raided with no respect for the women who were sleeping at the time. Then the room of Murad was raided, he was handcuffed and taken away.

The police continued their search of the home. They confiscated Murad’s Laptop, and the laptop of his brother who uses his laptop for teaching. Even the laptop of his sister was taken bearing in mind she has just arrived from Tangiers after her husband passed away. All phones were confiscated, after which Murad Al-Aysoub was taken to an unknown location.

Video Testimony of the Mother of Zakariya Drabi.

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