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An Insight into the Case of Shaykh Hassan Al-Kattani

An Insight into the Case of Shaykh Hassan Al-Kattani

تاريخ النشر

 An Insight into the Case of Shaykh Hassan Al-Kattani

They overlooked all the efforts his family in spreading knowledge and fighting the colonial forces until the liberation of the country. They overlooked that the Kattani household had produced scholars that have honoured Morocco around the world. It is as if his reward was to be sentenced to 20 years imprisonment, in a case he has no connection with. He was imprisoned for 4 months before the trial, in Sala prison.

Then he was kidnapped and taken to an unknown location. There he was put in solitary confinement and stripped of all his clothes except what covers the private parts. He was not Allowed to have a Quran nor speak to others. Even reciting prayers aloud was not allowed. Then he was transferred to Ain Al-Birja prison in Casablanca where he was locked up in a filthy toilet.

alleged confessions by a group of brothers that they attended lessons by him in “The Principles of Salafi Jihadism”!

The court did not wish to call those who made these allegations to attest in court. Many of these brothers said that they signed these confessions due to torture. If we were to assumed these confessions are true then what are these “principles” especially when no one claims that there is something called “Salafi Jihadism”. This innovated expression that they exchanged for the beliefs of Ahlu Sunnah. And if we were to accept that “Salafi Jihadism” exists and that these brothers studied its principles. Then we say since when does studying the principles of a particular group warrant a 20 year sentence?

Shaykh Al-Kattani was then transferred to Knitra central prison at the end of Ramadhan 1425AH (October 2004). He was imprisoned in a cell more similar to a well on his own, the only right he had was a 15 minute break.

May Allah Hasten his release and the release of all his companions.

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